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Nicole Föger

Understanding the signs

Zeichen Erkennen - Nicole Föger Coaching
Life Coaching
Mental Training, Hypnosis, Supervision
Business, Career & Executive Coaching
Zeichen Erkennen - Nicole Föger Coaching

"The truly important questions are:

What is your treasure? And how much do you appreciate it?"

(A Course in Miracles)

People who walk through life with their eyes wide open, looking at the signs along the way can avoid a lot of negative emotions and unnecessary detours.

Situations we seemingly perceive as difficult challenges can in reality often turn into new opportunities and chances.

I support and accompany you to better read and understand the signs your life and your body are presenting you. 

We are going on a quest to find out what feels best for you, solve inner and outer conflicts, and get rid of blockages. You are getting back in tune with your emotions and feelings and reclaim your inner balance. Consequently, your energy is free to flow which fuels self-determined actions and helps you to grow into your full potential. 

Humor, ease  and magic will be our constant companions within this process.

Für Wen

For Individuals

Would you like to ...

  • show the world your full potential

  • get away from the drama

  • turn challenges into opportunities

  • break out of your daily routine

  • learn how to take care of yourself

  • get more out of your life

  • resolve situations that feel stuck

  • look behind the scenes of your life and find new perspectives

  • receive supportive coaching for new endeavors
    (private and professionally)  


Would you like to ...

  • support the individual strengths and abilities of your employees

  • be surrounded by content and motivated workers

  • create a well-organized and clear workflow

  • have employees who love working for your company

  • learn how to lead your team effectively

  • create a work environment which serves the well-being of your employees as well as your company’s success

For Businesses &

Stell dir vor, es gibt eine Welt, in der du frei und unabhängig davon bist, wie andere dic

"Imagine a world in which you are free and independent
of other people’s perception!“


Über mich
Zeichen Erkennen - Nicole Foeger Coaching
Dr. Nicole Föger

I love people and their individuality. Additionally, I am a very inquisitive person, keen on understanding how everything in life is connected.


The most import aim in my work as a coach is creating a holistic balance between body, mind and soul.

During the last years I gained insights in many different approaches which merge seamlessly.

About me

Life has definitely given me a lot of signs already, some of them I followed straight away others took a while to be deciphered.

At the beginning of my professional career, I decided to go for natural sciences, although I was already equally interested in psychology.

The signs of my first calling led me to a doctorate in biochemistry. I was a very passionate scientist working internationally to gain insight on molecular biological correlations.

Thereafter the signs lead me to my second calling. I built and co-developed a new national organization on my own terms and was CEO, coach, lecturer, and consultant for “research integrity” on a national and international (Europe, Asia, USA) level.

Now it’s time to follow the signs to my third calling. And that’s what I liked doing all along: Help people reach their full potential, see them for who they truly are, listen carefully, find ways out of difficult situations and empower them - and most importantly to never lose a sense of humor in all of that.

Stell dir vor, es gibt eine Welt, in der du frei und unabhängig davon bist, wie andere dic

“You can’t be afraid when you are laughing”
Bernie Siegel

Mein Werdegang

My education & trainings

- Health Educator for Traditional Chinese Medicine (2023)

- Human Design Courses (2022/2023/2024)

- The energetics of language, Energy coach (Heiko Wenig, 2023)

- Integral and psychosomatic medicine (IM 1-3, 2022)

- Diploma in social counseling and life coaching (2022)

- Diploma in hypnosis training and hypnosis coaching (2022)

- Diploma in mental training/coaching (2022)

- Coach, lecturer and counselor for research integrity (in Europe, Asia and USA; main occupation 2010-2022)

- Scientist in Vienna (AT), Heidelberg (DE) and Basel (CH) (until 2006)

- Doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology (graduation 2003)

- Academic studies of biochemistry (graduation 1999)

Stell dir vor, es gibt eine Welt, in der du frei und unabhängig davon bist, wie andere dic

“You are so beautiful and probably the least one to know”
Byron Katie

Für Einzelpersonen

Coaching areas

Individual & life coaching

Understanding the signs of life
  • Gain clarity for current life decisions

  • Get rid of old believe systems and blockages

  • Master challenging situations and life changes

  • Find new perspective and solutions

  • Improve personal strengths and abilities

Understanding the signs of the body
  • Develop mental strength and resilience

  • Cut out the stress

  • Create more calm, joy and ease in your live

  • Focus your attention on the warning signs of your body
    (because negative emotions and fear can make us sick)

Understanding the signs
of professional life
  • Discover, develop, and strengthen your highest potential

  • Foster more confidence and satisfaction in your job

  • Create and implement new paths for your professional future

  • Find the career of your dreams

Understanding the signs
of female empowerment
Coaching for women

Personal development of women is a topic that is most dear to me.


From my own private and professional experience, I am aware of the obstacles women have to overcome in order to excel. I also know that female power is immensely important in our world. Therefore, I put a focus on supporting women to walk their path courageously in private and professional life areas.

Fü Unternehmen

Business & executive coaching

Understanding the signs of your business

Employee satisfaction and great teamwork are essential factors and of growing importance in building a sustainable and successful business. In my trainings and workshops, I implement strategies which create a working environment wherein employees flourish, and the company’s success is thriving. That knowledge is supported by my background as a CEO, mental trainer, and coach.


As a former scientist I have a high aspiration when it comes to the quality of my workshop and course content. As a coach I am used to stay flexible in different environments and target groups and adapt the content accordingly.

Every workshop can be adjusted to the specific needs of your company and current topics.
Please contact me directly for a free consultation call to define your goals and set the right methods and strategies for success



Individual & life coaching

125 € per session

Special Tools:

Human Design Reading (260 €)

Business & executive coaching

Price on demand

Please contact me for a free call
wherein we clarify which topics are relevant in your company
and how I can support your goals.

Additional information

​Sessions can be held in person or online.

Our cooperation is not a substitute for a diagnose and treatment
of a doctor, psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

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